Health Fitness And Well-Being For Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Where we come from

The Founder/CEO of Street Fit Scotland recognised a gap within the homeless system when she started to take homeless people to a local gym through working in the homeless sector for over 15 years as a front-line worker.
She realised that this was more than just engaging in physical fitness they were making a positive lifestyle choice and at the same time re-integrating back into society. Michelle went on to win a place on the Social Innovation Incubator Award programme based at the Melting Pot in Edinburgh and developed Street fit Scotland from there on in.
She then went on to win an award through speaking at the Senscot Ceilidh which gave coaching through the Social Enterprise Academy.
Michelle was then asked to speak this year 2016 at the Power of sport conference and the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow.

Professional Support

The science behind it

Research has shown that exercise can improve not only your physical health but your mental and emotional well-being. It has been evidenced that exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer. Exercise also relieves depression and anxiety.
Our programme was researched and evaluated by Edinburgh University (Scottish Collaboration For Public Health)
They produced an accurate report that shows and give evidences of the inportance of this programme and the help that gives to the the socially disadvantaged people improving their quality of life.
You can read the full report


The Street Fit Scotland Crew

Michelle Reilly

CEO/Trustee/Founder AND MENTOR


Michelle is the core structure of Street Fit Scotland, been working with socially disadvantaged people for more than 15 years she brings with her a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field. Michelle realised that there was a gap in the system in the way these people were helped and realised that with Exercise and workshops she could bring group of people together and channel their lives in a positive way giving them a purpose so she decided to found the company.
In a daily basis you can find Michelle running from one place to another dealing with founding, opprtunities,training ,organising etc. Michelle love to help others and give them opportunities.

Jay Tuveri

Instructor/web developer


Jay started training at the age of 12,he done gymnastic for 7 years and by the age of 19 he joined a gym and started to build his experience. After some time he started to help others training. In 2005 moved in uk and because of the language barrier had to put the teaching in hold. In 2011 he went back to college and got qualified,after attending various courses he started to teach classes and work in the gym. Jay is qualified in Gym instructor,Kettelbells,Aquafit,Hydrospin, circuit,boxercise. Also NPLQ and Door supervisor qualifications are under his belt and occasionally covers boxing classes and muay thay which he practice regularly. At the moment Jay still attend college studying web design and development.

Laura Casement



Started more than 10 years ago Laura has substantial experience in teaching classes and fitness in general. Laura is qualified in Boxercise,kickboxercise,Zumba,Aquafit, Hydrospin, Body combat,Body pump,metafit,insanity,powerhoop,Circuit, Bounce dance fit. She also practice kung fu and muay thai in a regular basis.

Amy Dunn



Volunteer with Street Fit Scotland contributing to her personal and professional development with the added bonus of getting fitter from taking part in the fitness classes and outdoor bootcamps with the participants.
She is passionate about working with people and she feels that Street Fit Scotland is an amazing group to work with.
She started volunteering with this group while studying at Edinburgh University and she is now graduated with a Degree in Community Education.


Jonny Kinross

A former Social worker turned Outdoor Adventure Sports Activities instructor then also turned Social entrepreneur. Jonny has managed services and delivered programmes and activities that support vulnerable adults for over 20 years from soup kitchens to community businesses. He has a passion for social justice,empowerment and the promotion of healthier lifes. In his current role as CEO of the Grassmarket Community Project Jonny supports 4 social enterprises and a dynamic programme of educational and creative activities for some of Edinburgh’s most vulnerable and socially isolated. Street Fit Scotland is in so many ways what Jonny has dreamt of being available for single homeless people: inclusive, needs-led and interventions based on building positive relationships. He is incredibly proud to have been involved in the forming of such a ground breaking organisation.

Alan Laughland

Alan has been a social worker for 13 years. He has worked with a variety of people with disabilities then began to specialise in working with the homeless. It was this that gave Alan a great interest in different and more effective ways at working with the homeless. He now programme manages ‘Inclusive Edinburgh’ which is a review of services for people with ‘complex needs’. Part of this is improving services for homeless people. Whilst working in homelessness Alan became aware of the Street Fit Scotland initiative that Michelle Reilly was getting off the ground. He and Michelle had worked together before and Alan was delighted when Michelle approached him to become directly involved with Street Fit Scotland. The ethos of Street Fit ‘fits’ with the more intuitive approach to involving people in services that work for them that Alan is working on during ‘the day job’. Alan passionately believes that the Street Fit way of working is much more likely to involve homeless people who other services struggle with. Alan believes because Street Fit offers something people want and need it’s great at ‘getting the barriers’ down and therefore helping them to develop happier and healthier lives. He has seen evidence of this in the evaluation of Street Fit to date and is keen to see it grow and develop as a way of working with as many homeless people that need this service as possible.

Doneil Macleod BD, RGN, RMN.

Doneil is a member of the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing (UKCC), his professional background is in physical and mental health nursing. Doneil worked in various health and homelessness related roles in the voluntary and statutory sectors, initially as a social worker (unqualified) at St Martin -in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London (1988), and most recently at the Edinburgh Access Practice as a Practice Mental Health Nurse (CPN/Community Psychiatric Nurse). and also worked in strategic management roles in the delivery of health, housing and social work services for people who are homeless. Doneil is delighted to be a board member for Street Fit Scotland because this exciting new project works for people. The way of relating to participants and the strong emphasis put on creating a safe space dovetails perfectly with attachment-based concepts ,which is a familiar concept in his clinical work. The Street Fit Scotland model that Michelle has created, uniquely combines companionableness, exercise at your pace, having fun, eating healthily together and generally just respect for each other as whole people. The positive impact of all this on wellbeing and general physical and emotional health of participants is clear. And more…Thet staff get fitter too! because we do all this together; staff participation is an essential part of the model.

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